Patients can be referred for consultation or "open access" procedures. A short consultation is provided before and after all "open access " procedures.

For urgent referrals please telephone Dr Holt directly (mobile number located on all correspondence).


(1) Direct referral to our rooms.

This can be done by medical objects / faxed referral or using the downloadable form from this website. This is the best route for fragile patients or those with complex medical problems. Patients with medical issues will be assessed by either our Registered nurse or Dr Holt prior to their investigations.

(2) Via St Andrew's hospital open access referral form

If you use this mechanism be sure to nominate Dr Holt or they will be seen by the next available endoscopist. Please note: Dr Holt does not consult on other practitioners procedures.

General notes regarding open access procedures:

If a patient is going to require endoscopy as part of their evaluation it is quicker and less expensive to perform these investigations first.